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Hi and welcome to The Aus. Library a blog created for book reviews, discussions and hauls. We also sometimes adventure into the latest movie news and events happening in the world today. The people who are behind these wonderful posts are down below! Don't forget to say hello or leave a follow. We are the Librarians of The Aus. Library


18 and a pretty funny WoC Artist in Uni based in Australia. I'm a Reader, Dreamer and Writer of sorts. I like to say that I have a PhD in Procrastination and in binge watching tv shows in important parts of the day. My hobbies include exploring the thesaurus and searching for cool names to give to characters. You can find me on all social media platforms just below!


One of those rare male book bloggers, you can catch me at your local bookstore or library devouring all the books. You can find and follow Bayram in the social media links below


“We are all fools in love” - And I am one with too much time in my hands to read about it. Hopeless romantic and shipper by nature, I will devour YA and NA no matter the subgenre.

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